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Library History

In most cities and towns across Alberta, a library is part of public services, much like the essential services of the fire department or local police station. However, on First Nation Reserves, public libraries are not the norm, even though we know that when there is a library in the community, literacy levels rise and poverty diminishes. In 2010, the Kainai Board of Education Literacy Committee was established to promote literacy awareness, connect learners to literacy resources, and improve literacy levels of Kainai Board of Education students and their families. The Committee members included Linda Weasel Head, Connie Wells, Arlene Ward, Kathy Good Striker, Mary Weasel Fat, and Hali Heavy Shield. With the assistance of former Chinook Arch CEO Maggie MacDonald, the Kainai Board of Education entered into a partnership with the Blood Tribe Chief and Council, who issued a Band Council Resolution to allow a partnership to take place between the Kainai Board of Education and Chinook Arch Regional Library System. The Kainai Public Library opened in 2012, providing full library service and community programs to the Kainai First Nation.